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Breast augmentation is a process which is a surgical method that is used to increase the breast shape and size. The procedure for this process requires silicon or saline along with the muscles or breast tissues that the surgeon’s implant in the chest for the betterment of the breast and this surgery effects last for almost 8 to 15 years almost.

This procedure is a use all around the world and the approx in the year 2015 there were 288,155 breast augmentations surgeries. The ratio has increased almost 10 percent from the last year.


There are few reasons or requirements for which you can select breast augmentation surgery that is as follow:

  1. This process enlarges the breast size, which is naturally of small size.
  2. Breast augmentation is a process that can be used to remove the side effects of weight loss, pregnancy or breast feeding because these things reduce the size of the breast.
  3. The shape of the breast can be changed from being symmetrical to asymmetrical.
  4. After any kind of surgery, the breast can be restored through the process of augmentation.

Plastic surgeries are usually of two types that are reconstructive or cosmetic surgery. The reconstructive surgery is used for the treatment of breast cancer and this can be applied after facing any severe illness, on the contrary, the cosmetic surgery is for the esthetic reasons and breast augmentation is an example of cosmetic surgery. In the year 2008, there was a research made on breast enhancement and they found out that breast augmentation increases the women’s self-esteem after facing any severe illness. Because through this process women’s can retrieve their original shapes that will make them look good.


Most of us are not aware of the term breast implant that what is it? How it used to improve breast? And how this will help? Let us give you all the answers you are thinking about that breast implant is a procedure in which breast augmentation is placed inside the breast to reshape it or to create an artificial breast that looks natural. There are three main procedures for breast implant that are used these days. We are going to discuss three main types below, which will help you to select the best method for your body.


Saline implant method is the most recent and unique method for breast enhancement in which there is an filled sterile saline solutions usually filled up with sea water and they are enclosed in a shell type material that is used for the protection of the solution and that shell is usually made up of silicone. These shells can be filled up with any kind of solution that is easily available. These shells provide firmness and a better shape to the breast. But if this saline solutions bursts out, it is spreads in the body and expelled by the body, it is not that much harmful.

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These implants are very carefully made because the outer shell is of silicon but the inner shell is also filled with silicone. There is a risk attached to it that if these silicone gel implants burst, the gel with either stay or it will spread in the pockets of breast implants. But the leaking silicone gel implant never collapses. If someone is interested in silicone gel implants, then they have to take proper care of it. Patients with silicone gel implants should visit doctor regularly as compared to saline solution implant patients. The result of these implants is very good but the precautions and check and balance is also needed very promptly. One cannot take risks if there is any kind of implants in the body. So, regular medical checkup is compulsory for these kinds of patients.


These implants are called as alternative or composite implants as the name tell us that they are very different kind of implants from those that are above discussed. In these implants, the material that is used is soy oil, polypropylene or any other oil kind of material that is used to fill up the breast to provide better shape and firmness to the body.


Above, we have discussed three very important types of breast implants are used for breast enhancement but this kind of implants proper care is also needed because without proper care there are chances of many health issues that anyone can face who has gone through the process of breast implants. Whether you select any of these implants but before surgery does a complete research about the implant and select which is better fitted for you because with research or study you can select the best for you.