The Five Factors of Breast Enhancement

Most of us know many benefits and good things about breast enhancement and breast implants but nobody knows much about the risk factors that are involved in breast enhancement procedure. Because everyone knows that when there is the good side of anything, there is a bad side too. So, we are here to explain some factors that are the risks of breast implants and operations. We will tell that what kind of issues you can face when selecting any kind of breast implant surgery. There are few questions related to it let us tell you those first:

  1. What are the risks involved in it?
  2. What will happen if any kind of breast implant is broken?
  3. Is breast implanting making women sick?
  4. What should be the concerns of breast implant?
  5. What will be the procedure if someone wants to remove the breast implants?
  6. Is there a safer method of breast implant?

If someone will find an answer to these questions, then only any women can trust the method of implants and the risks involved in it. These questions are reflecting toward the risks that are involved in breast implant surgeries. So, we will discuss each and every risk factor to make you comfortable, whenever you will go for a breast implant surgery. You will have these risks points in your mind so will be able to take better precautions.


There are many reports that have been publishing in many of the medical journals that tell us about the complications that were faced by many of the women. There many short term and long term risks involved that women think about breast implants. And another important risk evolves when you want to remove that breast implant.


Problems that are associated with breast implant surgeries occur in the breast area. Normal complications or we can say that normal infections include risks due to surgery, breast pain, contracture of the capsular and breakage. Sometimes due to these issues, there is a need for additional surgery due to cosmetic problems as well

The saline breast implants, which most of the women have awareness of. But most of the women are not aware of a research that has been made on it.  The research says that after three years of breast implants that have been made up of silicon or saline, there has been observed breast cancer in the patients of the breast implant. And the symptoms were very local and usually like the breast pain, infection, and hardening. For example, if we take the example of reconstruction patients:

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  1. Almost 48 percent of the women’s that has gone through breast implant operation have to face re-operation within the time period of three years.
  2. There are almost 20 percent of the patients that usually remove the implant because they are not comfortable with it.
  3. Almost 8 percent of the patient of silicone implant experience breast pain and the ratio of the saline patient is almost 15 percent.
  4. There are few risks associated with anesthesia but the rate of those risks is very low.
  5. Some surgical risks include infection, the collection of blood around an implant area.
  6. Surgical risks are highest and sometimes they need again surgery and that’s the most difficult part of any breast implant.
  7. Usually, the breast implants are broken inside so, they have to be replaced with another surgery.
  8. One more thing that irritates women is that they hear the sloshing sound and that makes them very uncomfortable.
  9. Sometimes scars after the surgery do not go and they make the breast very hard and very unnatural. That is not liked by many of the women’s.
  10. Researchers tell us that there are chances of bacterial infections due to saline implants and if the implant breaks the bacteria may spread into the body.
  11. There are chances of autoimmune disease and the immunity system of the body becomes weak due to it.
  12. The questions that were asked above were about these factors and the risks that are involved in breast implants.


The conclusion of this topic is that breast implant surgery is not an easy task to go for because you have to do proper research about it and some tests are also required to know that what kind of allergies you have so that you do not face any kind of issue in future. Similarly, doing something unnatural is not so good you have to face many consequences due to it as there are many side effects of this surgery and the most severe effect is the breast cancer, which can kill you, if proper treatment is not taken on time. So, it is very important to be careful when selecting breast implant surgery.