Easy Ways for Breast Augmentation

Are you dissatisfied and depressed because of your breast size? Do you find breast enlargement surgery to be expensive for you? Well no need to worry there are many other easy methods for breast augmentation. Now these methods may be not as subtle as implants are but they do happen to be a good substitute.

Breast augmentation is all about gaining in proportion. The methods listed below will help you gain in on size and that too very easily. You are only required to follow these methods consistently and in the proper prescribed manner. http://www.askwomens.com

Maintain a good posture

As simple as this may seem it is quite true. Your breasts may appear to be smaller than they are actually are because of bad posture. When you sit in a slouched position your boobs seem to be slumped. The instant solution for a boosted boob line is to just straighten up.

You should sit with your shoulders straight and drawn back. Hold your chin high and keep your back bone straight.  When you walk or stand make sure you push out your chest so that it comes in notice. To check out the difference walk in front of the mirror.

Get the right top

Your breast size can be enhanced by the choice of top. You should make use of embellishments which accentuate your natural curves. You should opt for a shirt which brings attention to your breast area. Shirts which have frills, ruffled or similar material help to create an illusion trick that your breasts are bigger in size. You may also opt for a coloured scarf around your neck. It will have the same effect.

Volume adding patterns are quite effective in increasing breast size. In addition embellishments on your top can also bring the required attention to your bosom.

Make sure your bra fits right

The right bra size is essential for your breasts to develop and look great. You may actually be causing your breasts to look smaller than they actually are simply by wearing a bra which is either too big or too small. Many women make the common mistake of wearing a big bra thinking that this would help their breasts look big. Such bras only provide discomfort and do not add to your breast size at all.

Instead of compromising on weird bra sizes you should make sure you find the bra size that actually fits you right. Your bra should be able to support your breast. It should not be hanging loosely but shout be tight enough to uplift your breasts.

After reading this if you think you are no wearing the correct bra size then make sure you consult the helper at a lingerie store. The helper will aid you with a fitting and you will be able to get your hands on the right bra.

Usually women are surprised to find that the bra size they have been wearing for years was not the right one after an aided fitting. You will feel that a goof fitted bra measurably enhances the look of your breasts.

Opt for a padded Bra

You may have come across the padded bra section in lingerie stores. Padded bras add volume to your breasts. These bras also facilitate your breasts to look perkier. These bras come as an instant solution to use under dresses which require you to show off your bosom.

Padded bras contain a layer of foam stitched in to the cups of the bra. The foam has been rightly placed so that you gain a natural feel out of the bra.

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Breast Massage

Many sources swear by this method. Breast massage has proven to facilitate in breast augmentation immensely. You will have to use the proper technique though. This involves using the proper cream, oil or lotion and massaging with the hands properly.

This method requires effort and patience. Breast massage is a sage and inexpensive method. You will have to dedicate some time fairly for this procedure. The massage increases the blood circulation in the breast area and helps the pectoral muscles to grow.

Gain weight if you are thin

You may have been pretty satisfied with you thin appearance up till now. Breasts are mainly made up of fatty tissue so if you have a thin body on the whole it would be a pretty good idea to increase your appetite. Putting on only a few pounds will give your breasts the right amount of bulk that they are missing on.

It is recommended though that you avoid binge eating and instead go for healthy options such as dairy products, vegetables and fruits.

Women worry about their breast size too much. Nevertheless breast augmentation can be achieved easily through the methods stated above with due effort.


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